ROLS® by Chapuis Armes

6 years of research, development and testing culminating in the rifle of your dreams.

ROLS® (Rifle Opening and Locking Straight), the new straight pull bolt action rifle conceived and developed by our own engineering team, each single part is manufactured and thoroughly tested in our own workshops to get you with a combination of elegance, performance and accuracy.

Discover this unique and outstanding rifle!

12 good reasons to select the ROLS® rifle

A new super-strong locking system

The new CLS (Chapuis Locking System) is patented. The bearing surface of the locking lugs is 260 square millimeters, making it one of the largest and most reliable on the market, as proven by resistance tests applying pressures well over 8500 bars (123,000 PSI).


A unique cocking device

The ROLS® rifle has a separate cocking device, with perfect ergonomics. The cocking device controls a piston that compresses the firing pin spring for firing, allowing also decompression of the spring for decocking. A hunter can then hunt safely with a chambered cartridge. In the un-cocked position, the bolt remains secured, thus preventing any unwanted bolt movement.


9 different calibers already at hand

9 different calibers already at hand
• Standard calibers for 60 cm barrels:
.243 Winchester / .30-06 / 7x64 / .270 Winchester / .308 Winchester
• Magnum calibers for 63 cm barrels: 300 Win Mag / 7 Rem Mag
• African Caliber for 65 cm barrels: .375 Holland and Holland Magnum


No unintended discharge

The levered bolt-handle is located just above the trigger. Cycling the action becomes intuitive and very quick. Safety was the essential objective when developing this rifle.


Easy and smooth reloading

Our goal was to provide an in-line feeding system, so as to avoid any feeding problems.


Design and ergonomics : beauty and efficiency

Because in a hunt is often played out in tenths of seconds, one must have a quick-handling rifle with good ergonomics.


Interchangeable, accurate barrels

The barrel is held in a sleeve, resulting in perfect headspace when the two are assembled. This sleeve has a recoil lug machined with a high degree of precision, less than 1/100 of a millimeter, locking on a steel-made bedding carried by the receiver.


Rotating magazine

The development of the detachable, rotating magazine of the ROLS® took many months and a patent is pending.


Safe and quick barrel switching

Switching to a magnum caliber requires a change of the magazine and of the bolt-head.


Fail-safe primary extraction of the case

Our carrier has an extractor rod, controlled by the bolt handle.
Thanks to this extractor, all cases will be mechanically extracted from the chamber, avoiding any sticky shell and difficult opening of the bolt.


Single hand scope mount

For greater accuracy, the scope mount is fixed directly on the barrel.


Protected percussion

The firing spring is housed in a hollowed recess inside the firing pin, to allow long lasting and better functioning.

From the locking system to the linear bolt assembly to the trigger assembly, every piece of this new action is 100% new.
The ROLS® design is protected by several patent applications.
The use of 3D Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and a latest generation high speed 5 axis CNC machine center enabled us to manufacture the straight pull bolt-action rifle we dreamt of : The new ROLS® straight-pull bolt-action.


The objectives set from the outset were:
a light and elegant rifle ; a new straight-pull bolt-action, both reliable and rugged ; a rapid-fire rifle, suitable for driven hunts or stalking, allowing take-down for travel, practical and accurate ; a multi-purpose rifle, meant for any game and any hunt in the world, thanks to a broad choice of calibers in as many interchangeable barrels.

An outstanding rifle

In the heart of nature